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In vivo cell proliferation analysis and cell-tracing reveal the global cellular dynamics of periodontal ligament cells under mechanical-loading

May 6th, 2021|Categories: Nature, Research|

Ethics statementThe use of animals and all animal procedures in this study were approved by the Niigata University Animal Experiment Ethics Committee (approved protocol number: [...]

Sox9 and Rbpj differentially regulate endothelial to mesenchymal transition and wound scarring in murine endovascular progenitors

May 6th, 2021|Categories: Nature, Research|

AnimalsAll mice were maintained in accordance with University of Queensland ethics approvals and guidelines for care of experimental animals. Mice, regardless of sex (ages 10–12 [...]

First time in Thailand – Chula Successfully Uses Stem-cell Transplantation to Treat Systemic Sclerosis Patients with Pulmonary Fibrosis

May 4th, 2021|Categories: Newswise|Tags: , |

Newswise — April 8, 2021 – The Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine (CU Medi), Chulalongkorn University and King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, [...]

A novel Lnc408 maintains breast cancer stem cell stemness by recruiting SP3 to suppress CBY1 transcription and increasing nuclear β-catenin levels

May 1st, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Lnc408 is highly expressed in BCSCsOur previous study revealed that epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT) leads to enhanced stemness characteristic of breast cancer cells21. Using lncRNA array, [...]

Cannabinoid receptor activation acutely increases synaptic vesicle numbers by activating synapsins in human synapses

April 30th, 2021|Categories: News|

1.Ferland JN, Hurd YL. Deconstructing the neurobiology of cannabis use disorder. Nat Neurosci. 2020;23:600–10.CAS  PubMed  Article  Google Scholar  2.Whiting PF, Wolff RF, Deshpande S, Di [...]

Surface Modified β-Tricalcium phosphate enhanced stem cell osteogenic differentiation in vitro and bone regeneration in vivo

April 28th, 2021|Categories: Nature, Research|

In vitroPreparation of β-TCPWe used pure-phase β-TCP with a granulation size of 500–1000 µm, 65% ± 5% total porosity, 20% 5–50-µm, and 15% 50–200-µm pore diameter13 (CERASORB M, [...]

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