Do Athletes Get Stem Cell Injections?

Athletic activities present the possibility of injury. When athletes face joint, tendon, or muscle damage, they need effective treatments to allow them to become active again. So do athletes get stem cell injections?

For many types of injuries, traditional medical approaches include surgery. However, surgeries often entail long recovery times, painful procedures, and scarring. Some athletes, such as Major League Baseball pitcher Max Scherzer, have undergone stem cell injections as an alternative. 

Stem Cell Therapies for Athletic Injuries

Max Scherzer is a pitcher for the Washington Nationals. Recently, Scherzer sustained a back injury that prevented him from playing in several games. 

He is the latest of professional athletes to use stem cell injections as a treatment for sports injuries. Many athletes have reported significant improvements in their condition following these innovative therapies. 

Understanding Stem Cells 

Stem cells are a type of simple cell. They are found in many different tissues in the human body. The body uses these cells to heal from injuries and accidents. When they are concentrated and injected into an injured area of the body, stem cells have the potential to assist with recovery. 

Stem cell injections help to expedite the body’s natural healing processes. These treatments may help to repair tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. In doing so, they represent an invaluable approach for athletic injuries. 

Stem Cell Treatments for Athletes

Most injured athletes have the same goal: to recover as quickly as possible. While this goal makes sense from a career perspective, reaching a full recovery is crucial. When they return to the game, they can feel confident that their bodies are in good working order. Full recoveries also prevent potential future injuries.

Some evidence suggests that injections of concentrated stem cells can help joints and muscles to fully recover faster. Innovative treatments, including stem cell injections, can allow athletes to regenerate new functional tissue. Oftentimes, stem cell therapies are applied in conjunction with more traditional medical approaches. These include:

Many athletes, like Scherzer, have experienced the benefits of stem cell treatments for athletic injuries. 

Noninvasive and the Beneficial Potential

Beyond acute injuries, stem cell treatments can be used to potentially treat long-lasting pain in athletes. Whether the pain is caused by a single event or a chronic condition, stem cell treatments have the potential to help patients regenerate tissue and heal naturally. Stem cell injections offer athletes a very short recovery time. Typically, patients recover in three to four days. 

When performed correctly and by an experienced board-certified provider, these injections present almost no risks of complications or infections. For athletes, the noninvasive nature of stem cell therapies and quick recovery times are invaluable. If you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment contact a care coordinator today!

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