Stem Cell Therapy and Post-Management Care

Stem cell therapy is an exciting treatment option for patients who are facing a variety of health challenges. It is particularly beneficial for patients who are struggling with orthopedic and sports-related injuries. Like any athlete, these patients are all too eager to get back to their normal activities. However, they must adhere to post-management care protocols to maximize the benefits of stem cell therapy.

Whether you are thinking about undergoing stem cell treatment or you’ve just completed your procedure, we want to help by providing some post-management suggestions on how best to ease back into the activities that you love. Always discuss with your provider to ensure the post-treatment protocol is best for your specific case and healing process.

Weeks One and Two

During the first two weeks after your procedure, limit your activities to basic tasks that are necessary for daily life. You may experience soreness, but general movement like light walking will help to speed up your recovery process. 

If your treatment was focused on the hip or knee joint, then we recommend avoiding stairs, uneven ground, or deep squats. You should also avoid weightlifting or any strenuous activity during this stage of the recovery process.

Apply heat only for the first two weeks. In the morning, apply heat, massage, and stretch. Repeat in the evening. If possible, use a massage assistance device.

Weeks Three and Four

During weeks three and four, you should still avoid weightlifting, running, and repetitive load-bearing exercises. However, incorporating an elliptical or exercise bike into your routine is a great idea. You can also go for a swim during this period, as any incisions should be sufficiently healed.

As a general rule, let pain be your guide. If a particular movement hurts, stop or slow down. Continue to avoid NSAIDs until after week four. If you are experiencing inflammation, you can now alternate between hot and cold compresses.

Weeks Five Through Eight

During weeks five and six, you may transition into some light weightlifting, but avoid anything that compresses the joint. For instance, if you received stem cell injections in the knee, then you should avoid deadlifts, squats, box jumps, etc.

Once you have made it to week seven, begin easing back into your regular training regimen. Increase weights slowly and avoid overloading the affected joint. Doing so could hinder the healing process and diminish the benefits of stem cell therapy.

Post-Treatment Benefits

When you’re receiving stem cell treatment for orthopedic conditions, it is common to experience benefits between the three- to six-month post-treatment time frame. Continue to build back up to your normal training volume and intensity. Follow the provider’s recommendations for optimal outcomes and be patient to allow the stem cells to facilitate their healing capabilities to the injured joint and tissues. Contact us today to learn more about post-management care.

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