Very Grateful For Our Patients and Staff

I remember way back in 2005, when John Schultz and I first started this company, we were blazing new trails. Since then, we’ve treated more than 100,000 patients with orthobiologics. We are grateful for every single one.

You may notice that you can find me answering questions twice a week during a Facebook Live, or answering questions in a Facebook group, or answering your comments on this blog. Why? Don’t I have other things to do? Yep. However, my mantra is to never take a single patient for granted.

Each patient that decides to see a Regenexx physician is a blessing. They place their trust in us as physicians and that’s a sacred thing. Being a physician is different than any other job out there in that people are at their most vulnerable when they’re ill or injured. That’s why at Regenexx, we take that responsibility seriously. Meaning our goal is to underpromise and overdeliver and to be honest and forthright with people about whether we can help. In addition, to create and follow the research in this new field of medicine about what does and doesn’t work.

In addition, creating a great care environment is not a one-man or woman show. It takes a team of great people who all want to make sure that the patient is the center of their world when they’re in the clinic or getting treated. In addition, at Regenexx we have armies of people who man the call center, create the websites and social media messaging, interact with patients online, make the executive decisions, and make sure that the mission gets accomplished and rocks get pushed uphill. So I am thankful for all of the people behind our doctors and behind the scenes who make it all happen.

In conclusion, we’re grateful and thankful that you put your trust in us. We are so blessed to be able to help so many, but equally blessed to be honest with patients when we can’t help. Have a joyous holiday and stay safe!

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