Voice of the People: Liberal logic warped on issue of abortion

Well, it’s time once again for a Supreme Court nominee to go through another hearing. Sad to say, every time we go through these hearings, it seems the main issue with liberals is if the nominee is in support of killing babies before and even after they are born because they, the liberals, support this and are even in favor of using them for stem cell research.

If the nominee is against abortion, the liberals consider them hateful and intolerant, more so if they cite religious reasons for being against abortion. Liberals, on the other hand, consider themselves loving and tolerant for being in support of killing little babies.

In Nazi Germany, the Nazis killed little Jewish babies and used them for experiments. Going by the liberals’ logic, that made the Nazis loving and tolerant people. They were not, just like liberals aren’t. No matter how you put it, killing babies is hateful, intolerant and, especially, a sin.

Thank you.

Les Hedger

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